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Features & Specifications

Goobi Glass doesn't only offer style and bold colors, our products have many more exciting features than the average piece of glass or window film.

Goobi Glass Product Information


  • Reduces noise and outside sound by nine decimals. Additional acoustic layers can be added in our glass for extra protection.

  • Offers 99.9% UV Protection against all harmful rays. Provides more UV Protection against harmful rays that cause skin cancer, as the percentage of UV light rapidly increases due to global warming.

  • Prevents fading of your interior property and important equipment or furnishings inside of of your vehicle, home or business.

  • UV protection will increase the longevity of the items inside the building. Property such as surfaces, furnishing, and equipment will all experience less wear and tear over the years.


  • Our products are individually tested to fit Automotive Safety Standards with DOT certification and meets compliance with all building and residential codes.

  • More protection against theft and inclement weather (such as hurricanes or wind storms.) By using our Laminated Safety Glass, it won't shatter all over the place. Instead, it will fragment into pieces that remain held within the main frame.

Energy Savings

  • Colored windows can also help reduce the amount of solar heat generated in the vehicle up to 70%, which reduces the use of air conditioning and saves fuel consumption.

  • Goobi Glass offers great thermal insulation properties which enable you to take advantage of the potential savings in heating and cooling costs.

  • Provides an extra barrier from the heat with colors that offer better insulation and more sun absorption to ensure a cooler vehicle or house.

  • Our colors have a lower solar heat gain coefficient, by blocking more heat than the average clear or tinted window.


  • Your property will be a more comfortable temperature year round, which makes it an invaluable investment.

  • Adds extra value and curb appeal to your property or vehicle.

  • No longer having to replace window tint or film (which lasts a few days up to a few years with premium tinting.)


  • With over 87,000 color options, customization is endless.

  • Laser & Ceramic print capabilities for photos, logos, text, designs and patterns of any kind can be added to the glass.

  • Fits specifications for all sizes in flat and curved configurations.


  • Goobi Glass uses high stable colorants to ensure lifelong color without fading, peeling or bubbling.

  • Unlike window film, our color is weather and scratch resistant.


  • Goobi Glass uses color therapy (chromotherapy), an ancient old method treating certain mental and health conditions through the combination of color and light.

  • Mental and physical benefits have been researched and studied for centuries.

  • Therapeutic value and long lasting joy.

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