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To redefine the driving experience. 

Making big moves with bright colours, our brand is all about blending innovation,

modernity and creativity with one single vision in mind: to redefine the driving experience

as we know it.



To brighten your ride & boost your mood. 


Putting the joy back into joyride, our mission is to hone the power of colour and technology to go beyond brightening your ride, but instead, to boost your mood. 


Integrating chromotherapy within our design process, a therapy method that uses color and light to treat certain mental and physical health conditions, Goobi Glass aims to enhance well-being by bringing a newfound sense of joy within your everyday drive. 


From energizing orange to calming blue, our brand embraces the therapeutic powers of colour to create positivity, play and a beaming new perspective on life.


Putting the Joy back into joyride.

Creating a new vibe for a New Age, Goobi Glass is the world's first patent technology colored glass for automobiles. We offer windows, sunroofs, and windshields for any type of vehicle, RV, boat and more! Our Inventory currently has 75 different shades with the capability to fully customize over 18,000 different colours to meet any request.


We understand, modern living can be tough. Between work, chores and the daily grind of life, there can be little to no time for colourful moments. But besides the everyday hustle, did you know that each American spends an average of 18-days per year inside their vehicle? A.k.a. we’re spending a good dose of our energy within the four-doors of our car! 


This is where we come in…  Saying ba-bye to boring and hello to bold! We bring you the world's first patent-technology colored glass that brightens your ride, your day and your overall well-being.


Fusing innovative technology with holistic colour therapy, our brand takes a new-age approach towards design, aesthetic and function, leading the next generation towards a redefined and elevated driving experience within our modern era.

Not your average ‘pimp my ride’, we don’t use fast-fading vinyl or tint which needs to be replaced every few months, instead, we use  high-quality glass with cutting-edge light and heat-stable colourants for long-lasting vibrancy; ensuring brighter colours for a better drive, always. 


More than just a glass company, we’re all about putting the joy back into joyride. Integrating chromotherapy within our design process, a therapy method that uses color and light to treat certain mental and physical health conditions, Goobi Glass goes beyond brightening your ride by focusing on boosting your mood

Fun, original and cutting-edge, our brand embraces technology, creativity and the therapeutic powers of colour to create a complete new lens on life. 



Consider us your car comrade. Working in collaboration, side-by-side, we ensure you’re part of the creative process every step of the way. 


Your car, your colour. Because we understand your ride is personal (and it should be), we ensure every window, sunroof or windshield is specifically custom-made for your personal automotive needs.


But first…colour. We’re all about innovative technology, modern design and creative  ways to live a creative life. Using 75 different shades across a variety of kaleidoscopic colours, we ensure every customization is creative at heart. 


Boosting mind-body wellbeing, our brand integrates the science of chromotherapy, which uses refractions of colour through light to relieve stress, restore balance and heal the overall functioning of

the body.


Made for mood-boosting. This is the cornerstone of our brand, to use rainbow-like colours to spark joy, enhance mood and inspire a positive outlook on life.


Because we believe modern living is tough enough, we’re on a mission to transform your everyday ride from basic to bold by creating colourful glass in vibrant colours, ensuring the daily grind and the daily drive is fun. 

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